A Deception Of Little Ironies: Male Child

30 Jan

Female Lead: Chuan Poon’s wife
Male Lead: Chuan Poon

Chuan Poon had married his wife for Thirteen Years. For the Thirteen Years, Chuan Poon’s wife had bore him six daughters. Not a son to carry on his family’s heirloom. Now, his wife is pregnant again, and he prayed hard to be a son. He really yearns for a son. Despite this, he was still caring for his wife. He is a dutiful husband and a father who believes that he had been cursed for 6 daughters, and not having a son.

He believes that he had been cursed because of two “sins” he had “committed” years ago.

  1. When he was a young man, working as a rubber tapper on a large and lonely plantation, he urinated near a shrine on a grassy mound in the plantation. He had never offered a joss stick in expiation afterwards.
  2. He had secretly consumed rice and beef curry in a restaurant when he was supposed to purify himself like the others, on a vegetarian’s diet, in preparing for the festival of the Nine Gods to offer prayers .

He wanted to repay for his sins. So, firstly, he went to the plantation to offer propitiatory gifts of cooked foods and fruits, burning with two large joss-sticks. The shrine is no longer there, but he chose a suitable spot to make his peace-offering. Secondly, he got his old mother to go to the temple and offer more propitiatory gifts for him, and lastly, he voluntarily went on a vegetarian’s diet for purification, abstaining from delicious fish, prawns and pork. This in turn help him to do even better in his dry goods business. However, what’s the use of having a prosperity  business with no male heir to carry on with the business?

He went to the brothel with his friend Ah Bah for the first time and the second time, he went there alone. He was enchanted and charmed by the prostitute in the brothel. He wanted to be with her, but he could not leave his wife in her advanced state of pregnancy. After his next visit, he found out that the woman he wanted was with another man. He negotiate with her aunt and told her that he could keep her as a mistress and he would buy a big house for her. But her aunt wanted her niece to be a wife openly, acknowledge by all. No less than that.

He thought of an excuse to divorce with his wife: what if she bears a daughter again? He went home and suddenly shouted at his wife in annoyance, “And what is the use of waiting and waiting for a male child? You never seem to be able to give me a son. This is a curse upon both of us!” His wife said nothing. After a while, she said slowly, “If it is a girl again, you may take another wife, and I shall not complain. You may bring her into the house, and I shall be subject to her. I shall explain the matter to my old mother so that she too will accept it.” He went on and on about the humiliation of not having a son where all his relatives had at least a son.

The time had arrived. Chuan Poon went to the temple to pray fervently for a son. He stood outside the locked room, in which the midwife and his old mother-in-law already where and strained their ears to hear the first cries of the child……

The other two deceptions are Love and Lamb To The Slaughter.

Now, Which do you think the wife had given birth to:

(    (a)Male      (b)Female   )

There is no right or wrong. Just give me your answer. I just want to know.

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One response to “A Deception Of Little Ironies: Male Child

  1. Mrs. Anu

    February 14, 2010 at 3:46 am

    Well firstly let me compliment you on your blog, its excellent!!!!! Your analysis of the story is pretty good, but would have been better if you highlighted the theme of the story and if you agree with what the protagonist did!!! When the time came do you think he went to the temple to pray for a son??? Frankly I wish he has a son that way he probably is froced to give his wife the respect she deserves.


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