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A difference between Lamb To The Slaughter and The Way Up To Heaven.

Though both of the stories is about Lying and deception, there is still a slight difference between the two stories.

1. In both short stories, there is a similar theme, which is lying and deception.
2.Both main characters are Mary Maloney and Mrs Foster in Lam To The Slaughter and The Way Up To Heaven respectively.
3.The wives in the story were very caring and over-pleasing. However, their husbands do not treat them well .
4.Both the main characters planned out the murder successfully.
5.Both were free from murder in the end.
6.Both are shrewd and smart to create an alibi.


Lamb To The Slaughter:

Mrs Maloney is a devoted wife to Mr Maloney . She has a strong sense of security when she was with her husband. She could not live without him.

Mrs Maloney was finally pregnant, with six months already. However, her husband told her that he was going to leave her.

Mrs Maloney chose not to face up to reality. However, Mrs Maloney could not accept the fact that her husband was going to leave her. So, she planned out the murder.

Her husband said that he would be going out alone for dinner instead of having it together like they always do on Thursday. Mrs Maloney then revealed her dark side. From a caring and meticulous wife to a cruel and evil murderer.

She was about to prepare a lamb chop for her husband when he said he was going out. She had already taken the lamb out from the freezer. Then, she just hit her husband’s head with that piece of lamb without knowing.

She was just all of a sudden knocked out from her senses and she was scared-stiff. She did not know what to do. She quickly changed herself and tried to put up a smile though it came out very perculiar.

She managed to calm down and off she went to the grocer to buy some ingredients for the lamb chop she had planned out. Her alibi was that a housewife went buying groceries and was shock to see her husband lying dead on the floor. Then she would call the police that she saw what happened in the end and remained innocent. As a detective’s wife, she certainly knew the consequences of murder.

Then her husband’s colleagues arrived and what was most surprisingly was not her acting on being depressed, it was how she actually disposed the murder weapon. She cooked the lamb and gave the colleagues to eat for their hard work. There was no way they could find out the murder weapon then……

The Way Up To Heaven:

Mrs Foster had a dread of being late. This has grown into almost an obsession and irritates Mr Foster. Yet, he enjoys keeping his wife waiting for him.

One January morning, Mr and Mrs Foster were preparing to leave for France to visit their daughter and grandchildren. Mr Foster again was keeping her wife waiting

The weather that day was very foggy and the flight had been postponed. Mrs Foster decided to wait and was told that the next flight was on eleven the following  morning.

Mrs Foster telephoned home and realised that her husband had yet left for his club and he insist that he would stay with her so that she  could drop him by the club on the way to the airport. She decides to return home and set off next morning.

Next morning, Mrs Foster was ready to leave at eight-thirty. Once again, Mr Foster kept her waiting again. When they got into the car, he claims that he had forgotten about the present for his daughter and he returns home to find it.

It was almost late and Mrs Foster would definitely missed her flight. Then she found out that the present was actually tucked under the side of the car seat. She then went to her apartment and listen for some sound and not entering her apartment.

Then she sprang back to life and hurried the chauffeur to the airport as she was going to miss the flight. She told the chauffeur that her husband would take a cab to the club by himself. She managed to board the plane with a few minutes to spare and she was on the plane on the reclining chair. She knew that her husband was trapped in the lift.

She finally reached Paris and she spent there for six weeks. After which, she returns from her wonderful trip. She seems more clam than before. Then, she saw alot of mails behind the door and noticed a strange smell. She walks around the hall confirming or investigating something. She then calls the repairman to repair the lift immediately and waited patiently for the arrival of the repair man……


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Good bye Chinese New Year!! Last day today!!! Sigh… We must go back to school tomorrow! I got a lot of red packets this year! YEAHHHHH!!!!! I had reunion dinner and buffet. YEAHHHHH!!!!! What a fun Chinese New Year except for the television programmes I must say. Some of them were no offence, too boring. So, I spent my time on this thing! I ate a lot of snacks or Chinese New Year delicacies such as “kueh bangkit“, chocolates , sweets and many many others! A very goodbye to Chinese New Year!!! GOODBYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bye Chinese New Year!!! Sweets and Chocolates!!!

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The celebration yesterday…

It was the celebration for Chinese New Year yesterday in my School. We could wear our own home clothes and I was like SO EXCITED!!!! Our principal, Dr. Hon, arrived at the hall! Everyone stood up and offered their respect to him and we sat down after that. He was sitting on the chair beside my class! What an honour! ( though we were sitting on the floor.) The worse thing is that my legs went numb after sitting there for almost like exactly two hours!!!

We started the celebration in the hall as we watched the performance of Lion Dance performed by Wushu Club. No offence, I serously hate the deafening noise from the drums during the Lion Dance. Well, the seniors had put in a lot of effort in putting up this performance for juniors like us. Some time later, the performers controlling the Lion’s head threw some vegetables at us which I do not know what they were. I supposed they were lettuce as they smelt like one of course!

After the Lion Dance performance was a musical performance put up by the Chinese Orchestra. The music was very pleasant to listen to and helped me to relax but did not relax my numbed legs. After the WONDERFUL PERFORMANCE put up the the Chinese Orchestra, there was a Wushu performance. The students were doing all kinds of quite dangerous stunts and somersaults in front of the whole school. It was quite interesting and I would like to thank them for putting up such a nice show!

Later, the “caishenye” (财神爷) came in from the hall entrance with some golden wrapped chocolates and threw them high up in the air to us. I did not catch anything though but i got some lettuce. The chocolates were thrown quite far away from me, so I could not catch them. Then, some teachers sing along the Chinese New Year songs and one of the teachers pretended to be “Auntie Lucy”. The most funniest part of all was the “so embarrassing”.

The performance ended when our principal and other teachers pull off some party poppers and some of us went back to our Primary School after that. What an ENJOYABLE DAY yesterday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Discovery Centre Trip…

I went to the Singapore Discovery Centre today! It was so exciting! We went there as a class to learn and understand more about the different types of defences of the Total Defence. They are: civil, social, economical, psychological and military. I think that it was quite a fruitful trip for me. But not others maybe.


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Chinese New Year Round The Corner…

Chinese New Year is round the corner! Everyone is now either decorating their house with beautiful ornaments and decorations and buying or making New Year delicacies. So Happy! Red packets coming on their way again! The amount of $$$ in my bank is going up again! The zodiac this year is the TIGER, third in rank of the Chinese zodiac.
red packets
So, lets get ready to welcome Chinese New Year’10!!!!!!!!!!
Enjoy some fireworks!!!

I wish everyone HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(too early)


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Music Playlist at

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My Mathematics Results

I just had my Mathematics test two days ago. I not quite happy with my results but it is not bad. I got 31/40. Converting to 100%, my total marks should be…er… 77.5. The highest is(if i am not wrong) should be about 36/40, 90 out of 100!!!!!!!!!! That is sooooooooooo high. I did not revise actually. Haha.


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