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Interview of Mary’s crime and punishment


My job:
1. Conduct an Interview with somebody not from HCI but my family members or friends.

2. Find out his/her opinions about crime and punishment or the necessity to communicate in a relationship.

3. Write out the transcript of the process.

My transcript:

Interviewing my Mother( no one else at home)
So starting now:

I recite the whole story to my mother first and starts to question her.

  1. Why do you think Mary Maloney killed her husband?


I think Mary Maloney killed her husband out of rage because she was a devoted wife to her husband but he deceived and betrayed her.

2. Do you think what Mary Maloney did was right?


Well, it could be right or wrong.


She was treated unfairly by her husband though she was a good housekeeper and a caring wife. She is right to kill her husband BUT she does not have the right to kill him.


Mary was wrong to kill her husband because she was committing a crime. She did not have a choice though.

3.What do you think is her punishment for the crime she had commited? Give me your opinion.


I think she should not go to jail because she was not in the right side of mind when she was killing her husband. She may have been suffering from depression already.

However, the judge would think that a crime is a crime. There would be no excuse then unless Mary has a medical cert to prove that she had mental problem and needs counsel.


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Learning Styles

Hi I am back with more wonderful experience and activities for everyone looking at this particular screen. Well I am supposed to post something about learning styles. Well thats all I supposed. Let me tell you something wonderful about today and tomorrow. There is no school today and tomorrow!!!!!!!! Because it is E-learning day for today and tomorrow. What’s that? It means we stay at home to do homework!(quite fun) Let’s get back on track now, always falling off it.

Well, after I did the Learning Styles test, I found out that the one I preferred most was Interpersonal (People Smart), and I really think so too. Take this test SERIOUSLY and HONESTLY to find out which Learning Styles you preferred most. Don’t compare your answers with your friends because you all should have different answers unless the two of you are twins with same personalities and I guarantee you that there are no twins in my class! If there is, I would say,” OH MY GOD!!!” Good luck if you want to try:


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