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Mcdonald Food

I am sure everyone loves Mcdonald’s food. I can’t deny the fact too. However, have you ever wonder what happens when the food digests in your body? Let’s find out. This video is a bit disgusting but funny too. Watch the whole video and you may want  to reconsider before eating Mcdonalds again!

Please comment! Giggles everyone!

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Track and Field Competition

I know that my blog has been dead for more than a month. That is why I am here writing things to keep it updated. My class and some others went to the Choa Chu Kang Stadium to cheer for the participants on 14th April 2010. Well, I was quite happy with the results. It was quite commendable. We came in 1st……. runner-up, losing by a tiny margin to Raffles Institution. At least we still got our 2 decades of C or B division of Champion.(forgotten). I can say that we Hwa Chong gentlemen have good sportsmanship. We did not behave in the way of the ACS Independent and St Andrew Institution for the rugby competition. They were throwing insults at one another and end up in fights with punches in each others’ face.

Actually, I do have some comments about this event. (No Offence!)Firstly, the location of the competition seems wrong as it was quite stuffy and warm at the stadium where we sat down to watch the games. Seriously! My friends and I “fled” and went to a shop to cool down in the air-conditional room. However, we were chased back by the councillors after being caught trying to get away from cheering. Of course, we went back back reluctantly and went down in their absence again!!!

Secondly, I must say about the toilets. The toilets is smelly with the pungent smell of mothballs in the cubicles which sent me into uncontrollable feeling of throwing up. But the condition is still acceptable, better than the one in St John’s Island. There were insects swimming freely in the toilet bowls. Eeeeeek! The toilets at the Stadium was still clean despite the fact that there was a stench.

Thirdly, we can’t do our homework during the cheering. As you all know there was a deadline for ONE PARTICULAR HOMEWORK which was a powerpoint presentation and was postponed till the next week. You should know which one its is. We were told to keep everything away when we were caught doing so. But I wonder why some people could play their hand phone games during the cheering. I wonder why? However, the best part was that we could munch on snacks and buy some from the shops downstairs.

Lastly, I feel that the duration for this event is too long. It ended at 7.30pm when I haven’t even had dinner! I usually have my dinner at 6p.m. I reached home at 9p.m. and we still have to rush for the POWERPOINT PRESENTATION for the following day and that was when we received a good news that the deadline was postponed to next week! Trying to make a fool out of us! The best part of this event was the half-day off on Friday. We got this reward from our hard cheering, cheering our hearts out to motivate the participants. However, I felt a bit unfair because the other 7 classes also got the half-day off without going for the cheering. Never mind. At least we had a half-day off after all!

I look forward for more day offs in the future!!! A bag of Giggles for everyone! Giggle, giggle, giggle!!!

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