Character Analysis of Hari and Lila

18 May


1. Responsible:
*He picked coconuts to sell for some money to earn.
*He used a broken net to catch some miserable little shrimps and fishes for his family.
*He makes it his job to send Bela and Kamal to school and look for a job on Biju’s boat or in thhe new factory.

2. Pessimistic:
*He feels that his house was filled with complete hopelessness.
*He thinks that Biju’s new boat with the deep-freeze would freeze the fishes and result the fishes not being fresh.
*He feels that he would not be able to get a job in the factory without any skill or even a degree. He did not complete his education though  he still knows how to count.

3. Realistic:
*He feels that his sisters would have to get married one day and he must prepare some gifts for the in-laws. They might be demanding for things from him which he thought that his father should be the one doing this.

4. Cares for the parents?
a) Mother:
*He wasn’t really caring towards his mother when she was ill, instead, out of desperation, he leaves Thul for Bombay.

b) Father:
*Hari wishes that his father would be bitten by a venomous snake and die.
*He was embarrassed and ashamed when his father was ridiculed by Mr de Silva as he reeked of alcohol early in the morning.

5. Good Judge of Character?
*He thought Jagu wasn’t a very good guy because of his thinking that people who dresses smartly are more of a sort of good guy. In this case, Mr Paanwallah was dressed quite smartly on the other hand which made Hari think that Mr Paanwallah was a good character.


*She makes it her duty for making breakfast for her family everyday.
*She does the household chores frequently without being told to do so.
*She makes tea for her mother every morning to make her fell a bit better.
*She came back to look after her sisters when her mother and father were in Alibagh at the hospital.
*She still manages the house well and did not run away like Hari.

*She thinks that her family living conditions would get better one day.
*She firmly believes that her mother would recover from her illness.
*She was relieved to hear that Hari was going to get a job in the factories and felt that Hari was  matured.
*She believes that Hari could earn money and pull their family out of poverty

3.Realistic but Hopeful:
*She knows that she could not watch the play with her friend, Mina, as she still needs to take care of her family.

*She took the de Silvas’ car to Alibagh for her mother to seek medical attention when they were going to Alibagh to buy something.

5. Loves her parents?

a) Mother: Yes
*She plays her part as a dutiful daughter by taking care of her mother when she was ill.

b) Father: Yes
*She did not ignore her father when he demanded her to make chapati for her mother when he goes to Alibagh to visit her.
*She was worried but not hateful towards her father for drinking toddy. She was afraid that the toddy would harm her father’s health.

6. A good judge of character?

*She got conned by the medicine man and gave him the family’s only precious jewellery.

This is the Character Analysis of Hari and Lila. Feel free to comment but NO COPYING!!!!!!!!!!!

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