Functional vs Dysfunctional Family

22 May

Functional vs Dysfunctional families:

Functional family means that an unbroken family with everyone in the family doing their roles. In the case of The Village By The Sea by Anita Desai, the functional family refers to Biju and the de Silvas.

Dysfunctional family means to be a broken family not in the case where the parents are divorced. It is in the state where one or more member(s) of the family is/are not doing their jobs. In the case of The Village By The Sea by Anita Desai, the dysfunctional family refers to Hari’s family.

Functional Family:
b)de Silvas

Dysfunctional family:
c)Hari’s family.

a) Biju’s family:

1. Biju’s wife wear gold bangles and seemed to be the richest person of Thul. Other villagers in Thul were jealous and could only afford to wear glass bangles because of poverty.
2. Biju has huge and strong boats with motors which can go to catch fishes 50 miles away from the shore.

b) The de Silva family:

1. They could eat bread or fresh big pomfrets every morning.
2. They could come to Thul for a holiday.

c) Hari’s family:

1. Kamal and Bela could only afford some attractive glass bangles instead of gold bangles,
2. Hari’s father had a boat which had been sold to clear his debts for toddy.
3. Hari had to fish with a small and broken fishing net which could only provide him some small and miserable fishes and shrimps.
4. Hari’s family could only afford to eat chapati every meal. They could not even spare some money to buy some sweets.
5. Hari feels that his house was filled with hopelessness. They have never travelled to another country, not even a city.

This are the differences of the Functional and Dysfunctional family. I hope that this would be useful for the upcoming test! :D! Cheer Up!!!

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