My own poem

25 May

After my major examinations
I was lost in games
After getting my results
I was happy over the clouds

Making a decision
I can’t make up my mind
I chose to go to an Institution
Where I made new friends

First day of Secondary life
Was like a deep blue ocean
I was mixed with strangers
Where I feel very lonely

The orientation was done
I sure had lots of fun
I realised I made some good friends
Our relationship  never ends
Cross every obstacle we must
Never lose each other’s trust

Now in my own class
The noise could break a glass
The monitor quiet the class by shouting
But not really everyone was listening

Now with new friends
Giggles never ends
We got tired of it
Trying to change a bit

As the time flies
Two terms passes
We know each other like a book
Knows what they think at one look

My new school is not small
But definitely smaller than a mall
Now, flag-raising in the hall
As well as games of ball
Most people in my class are tall
But not taller than the wall

But don’t you ever fret
Its still not late to regret
Don’t act when it’s too late
Or this shall be your fate

This is truthfully done by myself.

©2010 Wen Feng’s LA Blog 😀

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One response to “My own poem

  1. Bram

    June 1, 2010 at 9:18 am

    Many minute details were carefully observed and noted. They were used appropriately in the peom together with a touch of humour.


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