Harvey Angell by Diana Hendry

05 Aug

Book Review:

Orphan Henry lived with his Aunt Agatha. Aunt Agatha was a stingy person. One day, she was trying to clear out her attic to rent it to a person. However, the conditions she laid down was quite unreasonable. She wants her tenant to be small and they must not eat more than two pieces of toast during breakfast. When, Harvey Angell  zaps into Ballantyre Road, he brightens us Henry’s life like a super-charged thunderbolt. He fits the conditions perfectly, and most importantly, he does not eat breakfast. But despite his Connecting Kit and claim to be researching energy fields, Henry is sure Harvey’s no ordinary electrician. He’s up to something. And Henry’s right. Because Harvey has special plans for Henry’s household. Very special indeed…

About the author:

Diana Hendry was born in the Wirral and grew up by the sea. Wirralis a peninsula situated in the North West of England. She did very badly at school – falling in love at 13 being rather a distraction – and spent a long time catching up, which included becoming a mature student at Bristol University and later studying for an M.Litt.
Primarily a poet, Diana also writes short stories and is the author of many children’s books. She’s worked as a journalist, English teacher and a tutor at the University of Bristol, University of the West of England and the Open University. She has tutored many creative writing courses for the Arvon Foundation and for a year was writer-in-residence at Dumfries & Galloway Royal Infirmary. She is a member of Shore Poets, Edinburgh, and is currently a Royal Literary Fund Fellow based at Edinburgh University. She writes the occasional book review for The Spectator.

Diana’s Awards Include:

*Whitbread Award for a Children’s Novel, 1991,
*First prize Housman Society Poetry Competition, 1994,
*Robert Louis Stevenson Fellowship (with Hamish Whyte) 2007

( For awards and about the author )

Why I like the book:

This book is quite interesting. It captures the reader’s attention and the descriptions are quite detailed in the story. You should check it out

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