Charlotte’s Web

13 Aug

This book begins when Fern’s father, Mr Arable’s sow gave birth to a litter of pigs. Later, Mr Arabale discovers that one of them was a runt and decided to kill it. The runt was Wilbur. Fern pleaded her father not to kill it and thus her father allowed her to keep Wilbur as a pet. Wilbur was a name given by Fern. Fern took care of Wilbur for a few weeks before it was sold to her uncle, Mr Homer Zuckerman. Mr Homer Zuckerman had a barn with geese, cows, sheeps and a rat named Templeton. Wilbur was soon added into the “family” and Fern visited the barn as often as she could. Wilbur gets more lonely as each day passed until a grey spider named Charlotte appeared and it wanted to be friends with Wilbur. Not long later, Wilbur discovers that he was going to be slaughtered and be cooked into smoked bacon and ham. Wilbur didn’t want to die. Charlotte decided to think of a plot and save Wilbur from being slaughtered. Miraculously, Fern could hear the conversation Wibur and Charlotte had. With the help of Templeton, Charlotte wrote words on her spider web to make Mr Homer Zuckerman in believing that Wilbur was no any ordinary pig, it was “holy”. Charlotte used words such as ” some pig”, “terrific”, “radiant”, and eventually “humble”.
The sadpart is that Charlotte died of her old age in the end after laying five hundred and fourteen eggs. Of all the offsprings, only three daughters of Charlotte remained called Joy, Aranea, and Nellie who remained there with Wilbur.

Author E. B. White:

E. B. White was born in Mount Vernon, New York. He graduated from Cornell University in 1921, then travelled about trying many sorts of jobs, and finally joined the New Yorker magazine. He kept animals on his farm in Maine, and some of these creatures crept into his stories and books. In 1970, Mr White received the Laura Ingalls Wilder Award, given every five years for distinguished services to children’s literature by the American Library Assiociation. Mr E. B. White died in 1985.

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One response to “Charlotte’s Web

  1. Darrel Chua

    August 15, 2010 at 2:31 pm

    Well, I did not read the book but I saw the movie on it, therefore I will be presenting from the movie’s point of view. Correct me if I am wrong^^. It is about friendship mainly about Charlotte and Wilbur the pig. Well, lets discuss about friendship. I feel that it is really important be it in our school life or next time, work life. Friends really helps us in life and I hope all of us can treasure our friendships!!


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