Term2 Week2 LA Online Lesson

02 Apr

Hwa Chong Institution,
661, Bukit Timah Road,
Singapore 269734.


RE: Encouraging Letter

Dear Nick,

I am writing this letter to you to comfort you for being one of the survivors of the terrible and violent earthquake. Do not feel so sad. Singapore and Taiwan are raising funds to help Japan in financial needs! You must go on! However, radiation in Japan is increasing, you should stay at home to avoid.

When the earthquake happened, many people thought it was a normal one. However, as it did not stop for a few minutes, and books in a bookstore start falling off the shelves; the lamps dangling on the ceiling, ready to drop any moment. Everyone start hiding under the tables; get out of the buildings to an open field for safety.

Death tolls have been increasing every day. Many people were killed in the disaster while many still remain unfound. I hope this would come to an end for good.

Although I have never experienced an earthquake before, I sympathise with you for the destruction of Mother Nature. As I watched from the news, the tsunamis and earthquake destroyed buildings and vehicles everywhere. In one day, the whole piece of land turned into a scrap yard. I cannot understand the feeling of losing your homes and many others with missing family members. The disaster had brought a lot of mishaps in family which I could not do anything to help but to donate as much money as I could.

I am happy for you that you manage to escape safely from the deadly earthquake and I hope your family were unharmed. There are many organisations set up to raise funds for Japan! Be it a few cents or a few thousand dollars, it came directly from their heart.

The days ahead for now may seem bleak, but hand in there! Things will get better! Hopefully the power and water would be restored to affected homes. Stay strong! I know Japan will pull through the ordeal!

Best Regards,
Chua Wen Feng



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