“The Soldier” by Rupert Brooke

19 Jul

Young men in Singapore, including you, will have to do National Serivce. Why do you think National Service is compulsory in Singapore and why is it important? In the poem, the speaker expresses his love for his country, England. Do you find this same spirit of passion and patriotism Singaporeans have for our country? Why? Do you have this same spirit of patriotism for Singapore? Why?

National Service is important in Singapore because Singapore has limited number of young and trained soldiers for in times of war. Therefore, National Service is very important because it provides the basic skills in war for all young Singapore Citizen men. I do not really find a spirit of passion and patriotism Singaporeans have for out country. Nowadays, Singaporeans in Singapore are very pampered, seldom do they have to worry for food and shelters over their heads. Also, many are complaining about the system of National Service; they want the National Service system to be made optional rather than compulsory for all young men at the age of 18. In a society like Singapore, many people are aiming for luxury, and they are not willing to spend two years in National Service. They want to use the two years to build up their career so that they can have all the luxuries, but not to go for war training, which is full of hardships. I do not really consider myself having a spirit of passion and patriotism for Singapore but I do not go against the National Service. I feel that the National Service is rather important. It builds up a group of well-trained soldiers to be ready for war in times of need. Like many other Singaporeans, I would also want to aim for luxuries in life, I also want to succeed in life. However, I feel that after the two years in National Service, I would feel proud of myself for my part for trying to serve my country.

Consider your loyalty to Hwa Chong. Are you proud to be a Hwa Chongian? How have you shown your loyalty and pride as a student of Hwa Chong?

I am proud to be a Hwa Chongian. I would find myself very loyal to Hwa Chong. Yes, I have shown my pride as a student of Hwa Chong. I behave well in school uniform and even in home clothes out in the public. I would not do things that tarnish my school’s reputation. Also, I wear my uniform with pride. πŸ™‚


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4 responses to ““The Soldier” by Rupert Brooke

  1. G_Tan

    August 2, 2011 at 2:37 pm

    Hey Wen Feng,

    I believe there is a reason why Singaporeans call NS the rite of passage for SIngaporean boys before becoming a man.

    NS allows every single Singaporean boy, regardless of race, class, wealth, or lifestyle, to go through the same hardship. To us, it would be the first time and we would be humbled by the ‘trauma’. In this aspect, NS helps us to build our character. Whether we like it or not, it is the only way for boys to experience the life waiting for them outside their parent’s protective bubble. It is good to see you stating explicitly that you are proud to serve Singapore.

    It is a good point that you wear your school uniform with pride and carry yourself well and responsibly in public. That is actually expected or any student of any school, especially such a reputable school like Hwa Chong. πŸ™‚


  2. chuabingrui

    August 6, 2011 at 4:03 am

    Hi, I think your explanation on why NS is important is kind of superficial as it is more than training young soldiers for war. I think it is also to make them come out as a true man, with strong mentality and perseverance which may well be useful for their career next time. Also, you have been talking about luxuries people in Singapore are obsessed with and that most complain about the hardship and prefer to spend the two years working so as to meet the aim of having luxuries next time. I think you are stereotyping as not all of the people are like that and although I agree that there will be hardship experienced in NS, there is definitely more takeaways which makes it worthwhile. Thanks!

  3. limfuman

    August 8, 2011 at 12:38 pm

    It is good for you to point out the lack of patriotism in Singaporeans. This is shown by one of the ways which you mentioned, that is the unwillingness to undergo NS, found in most Singaporean males. However, you may like to point out some factors that arouses patriotism in some Singaporeans such as common identity and multiculturalism. This would give your two sides of perspectives to your readers.

  4. Tan Hui Sheng

    August 18, 2011 at 3:07 pm

    Yes one should have a mind set that accepts national service,view it not as a burden but as a sense of pride being given a chance to serve your country which is hard to come by.Most importantly national service is a ongoing process us having to go for re service to remember and recap our training.Do not view it as a burden but as a holiday or a break from the stressful rat race in order to earn money out there and also to keep ourselves fit, meet up with old friends.


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