Blog Prompt 3

31 Jul

In your opinion, is money important in a relationship?
I agree to a certain extent. I feel that a true relationship should not involve too much of money in their conversation. However, in a world we are living in now, everything costs money and therefore I should say money is indispensable in a relationship. Once in a while, the male might want to cheer his partner up by buying a diamond ring or something expensive to express their love. In the society now, many people weigh money and value as relationship. If they get an inexpensive gift, they might think  that the partner does not love them. I feel that this is not true. As it is the thought that counts, and the sincerity. There are couples who are not very wealthy but they lead a happy life as long as they have one another by their side. However, It is also quite true SOMETIMES that money makes the world go round.

Consider the ‘transactional’ element observed in the relationships between the couples.Do you think there is an upward trend of relationships and marriages valuing money over other qualities? Provide examples for your responses.

Yes I do agree that there is an upward trend of relationships and marriages valuing money over other qualities. Nowadays, in Singapore, there are more of young girls married with old men. The old men are old enough to be the father of the young girls. In my opinion, I feel that the young girls married them for their wealth. Once they get their aim, they will file for a divorce. This seems cunning but that is what is happening in Singapore.


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2 responses to “Blog Prompt 3

  1. Goh Arnold

    August 9, 2011 at 7:15 am

    Hi Wen Feng, thank you for posintg. I do agree with you that nowadays, people are taking money into a lot of consideration when getting into a relationship. I feel that you may want to add some points about how life will be like if we have a couple where one of them is very rich the the other totally opposite. Will there be true happiness and will there be freedom for the poorer party. On the whole, I feel that this is good post and I can see your effort. Thank you Wen Feng.

  2. limfuman

    August 20, 2011 at 6:45 pm

    I do appreciate that you described the importance of money in a relationship clearly with sufficient evidence provided. However, I notice that you only pointed out that. You should be able to provide wider perspectives to the topic and provide counterarguments to the topic by raising other building aspects of a relationship and explaining why money is not the most important, all of which you failed to do so.


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